Reading: Trump’s Space Force is a strategic mistake

Over at the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Greg Niguidula analyzes the development of the Space Force, a proposed branch of the military specific to space. Niguidula, a graduate student in international relations at Georgetown University, provides some historical context for the idea, and argues that increased aggressive posturing may jeopardize access to space for everyone. Niguidula writes:

Even if the Space Force proves to be the best means to achieve dominance in space, the goal is still fundamentally flawed. Instead of dominance, the president should be pursuing peace in space. The mistake Trump and the military establishment seem to be making is believing US dominance and peace are synonymous. They certainly are not mutually exclusive, but one does not automatically lead to the other. With the aggressive rhetoric being used, US leadership in space technology is increasingly seen by other countries as a threat and may be actively increasing the likelihood of a space war. Rather than a “warfighting domain,” space must be seen once again as a sanctuary.

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